Friday, June 27, 2008

Random shots from my life

Best engineering trophy I made for RRR 07

Always playing hard to get

Me and Dizzle

Derol's Shovel

R.I.P. Ray

Like father - Like cat?

My little devil

My '34 somewhere on the highway near Vegas

The first hot rod I ever built @ 14

A few of my brothers.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Great...Not Another Biker!!

Yeah man he's the real deal. The kind you read about in all the rags.
He don't care about anything. He lives his life his way!
He's tough! He don't take shit!
He rides hard and if your in his way he'll run you over without asking questions.
If you know whats good for you, you will stay out of his way.

Yeah, another Biker!!

Five lives


I'm convinced I'm on number five. I had another occurrence this last weekend that could have taken me to that place we all fear to go. No - not work or prison. Death.
I have been shot. I have hung from 300 ft cliffs. I have been forced and held under coves by white water rapids as I struggle to get free. Most recently I have survived a small torch explosion.

I had recently run out of gas on my oxy-ace torch. I got them filled and started working again this weekend. I went to hook up my tanks and decided to use an older torch I got from a friend. I hooked it up checked everything visually and made sure the lines were tight. Now keep n mind this was a torch I had never used, and did not know the history off. I did not know the previous owners maintenance regiment on it and had only done a quick visual inspection myself.
Well I started working doing some basic heat bending on pipe. I worked for about five minutes, released the trigger, moved my part and when i engaged the trigger again the there was a large explosion/burst. I can only assume that the torch tail fittings had been leaking or clogged or god knows what.

To make a long story short I was in the middle of the burst and suffered third degree burns on my hand and first degree burns up my arm and chest. It also removed all of the hair in those places along with completely removing my Goatee, most of my eyelashes & a bit of my eyebrows. thank god no burns on my pretty little face.

Now, I remember after getting shot the questions I used to field. I was always asked if it changed my life. Had my outlook somehow been altered? While things like this force you to take a look at your life I can honestly say that none of them have changed me.

See I have always had a pretty healthy outlook on life to begin with. I am an honest man. I live my life with integrity. I live my life full of love of the peolpe around me. I have always worked hard for the things I have and I try not to take to many things for granted. In the same sense I refuse to live a life with regret. I shun living in fear of things I am unfamiliar with. I will not back down from people or challanges.

So here is my new look sans- 8" goatee. Same smart ass attitude Same drive to live. I'm not done with this life yet.

Remember, work safely and go kiss you're babies mommas!