Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Tickle




They give me a funny feeling on the inside.

I like it.

Please note: these photos are stolen from other more talented people than myself.

Good Book

If you ride...

Read it.

If you don't...


My beginning

Remember the first time you had that feeling?

I think I started to feel it when I was around six or seven. Everytime we would drive down the highway and we would be passed by motorcycles I would perk up.
I remember one year comming home from California in the back of a Datsun pickup. I was in the bed with my two older brothers. We were sleeping snug under the camper shell when I heard this ground shaking roar.
It was deffening and I could feel the entire tiny truck shake. I rose to see that we were surrounded by motorcycles.
As they raced past us I did everything in my power to watch every part of every scoot.
I knew at that point that is what I wanted. I have been captivated by them ever since and will ride untill I die...And I will live free.

Remeber yours?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bike work

Well I am getting ready for a little run and have been continually pushing forward on the bike. these 2 & 3 a.m. work sessions are going to kill me.
At least I am making progress.
I got the rear lights located & mounted right under the spring seat. I got all the final grinding done on the rear fender and the swing arm painted last night. I also made a rear license plate mount using. It puts the plate right behind the belt drive and uses an old model a tail light.
Should be good to go here soon.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So my obsession with induction continues. I have a carb fetish. Better yet; I have a multi carb fetish.
I am running a 3x1 offy setup on my 1954 Chevy 210.
I am currently running a 3x2 setup on my 1934 Ford pickup.
I'm going to replace the engine in the 34 with a very worked over 292 Y Block.
I am going to be running a wicked power combo including a 312 crank, stroker kit and various other tasty innerds and just picked up the latest engine component and the newest piece to satisfy my fetish.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Affliction

I can't leave anything alone.
I have a million projects waiting to be worked on or finished.
So....What do I do? take a perfectly good bike, my daily, and rip it apart.
I have never liked how the factory sent out these softails. Sure they are functional but not overly attractive in the rear.
I originally yanked of the bobtail fender and put on a wrap around fender from a FLH. I rode that way for a couple years and always knew that the fender should be right on the tire. So I couldn't take it any longer. Here is my solid mount fender on the swing arm.
Here are some progress shots.