Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My beginning

Remember the first time you had that feeling?

I think I started to feel it when I was around six or seven. Everytime we would drive down the highway and we would be passed by motorcycles I would perk up.
I remember one year comming home from California in the back of a Datsun pickup. I was in the bed with my two older brothers. We were sleeping snug under the camper shell when I heard this ground shaking roar.
It was deffening and I could feel the entire tiny truck shake. I rose to see that we were surrounded by motorcycles.
As they raced past us I did everything in my power to watch every part of every scoot.
I knew at that point that is what I wanted. I have been captivated by them ever since and will ride untill I die...And I will live free.

Remeber yours?